Patient Experiences

Here’s some of our patients testimonials that decided on Lasik eye surgery. These are constantly updating, hopefully we can add yours soon!

“Seeing Dr. Katzman is always a very good experience for me. He is patient, informative and support. I trust his expertise and he has been very co-operative financially.”

Jonathan - San Diego Mark K.


“‪My husband and I have both had Cataract surgeries with Dr. Katzman. He is the best (world renewed- I’m sure). We have seeing him for over 30 years. He and his staff are great and there is no question in my mind that you will get the best care here. I recently had blepharoplasty and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I would never consider seeing anyone but Dr. Katzman.”

Joy – Del Mar Josh M.


“WOW!!! What a new life, from having to always having to wear glasses to none. What a wonderful life now not having to worry where my glasses are. I think everyone should have this done, I love being able to see, Life is great and all I want to do is read all the time!” – Received eye surgery San Diego from Dr. Katzman.

Chrissy – Orange County Lisa T.


“I was starting to have headaches and thought I needed new glasses. My eye exam showed that no correction was needed. The Doctor told me to use my thumbs and push up on my eyebrows. When I did this, “what a difference it made.” I had no idea that I was loosing that much field of vision. The surgery went very well and the recovery time was short. People tell me that I don’t look mad all the time any more, and my headaches have gone away.”

Lois – San Diego Lasik Reviews Janae L.


“My eyesight is great. I was 20/20 the day after the LASIK. Since I am 52 years old I must wear reading glasses but that is normal. My distant sight is so clear. What a great invention.”

Kenneth – Mission Valley


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