Patient Experiences

Here’s some of our patients testimonials that decided on  Lasik eye surgery San Diego.  These are constantly updating, hopefully we can add yours soon!

“Seeing Dr. Katzman is always a very good experience for me. He is patient, informative and support. I trust his expertise and he has been very co-operative financially.”

Jonathan – San Diego        Mark K.


“‪My husband and I have both had Cataract surgeries with Dr. Katzman. He is the best (world renewed- I’m sure). We have seeing him for over 30 years. He and his staff are great and there is no question in my mind that you will get the best care here. I recently had blepharoplasty and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I would never consider seeing anyone but Dr. Katzman.”

Joy – Del Mar      Josh M.


“WOW!!! What a new life, from having to always having to wear glasses to none. What a wonderful life now not having to worry where my glasses are. I think everyone should have this done, I love being able to see, Life is great and all I want to do is read all the time!” – Received eye surgery San Diego from Dr. Katzman.

Chrissy – Orange County        Lisa T.


“I was starting to have headaches and thought I needed new glasses. My eye exam showed that no correction was needed. The Doctor told me to use my thumbs and push up on my eyebrows. When I did this, “what a difference it made.” I had no idea that I was loosing that much field of vision. The surgery went very well and the recovery time was short. People tell me that I don’t look mad all the time any more, and my headaches have gone away.”

Lois – San Diego Lasik Reviews       Janae L.


“My eyesight is great. I was 20/20 the day after the LASIK. Since I am 52 years old I must wear reading glasses but that is normal. My distant sight is so clear. What a great invention.”

Kenneth – Mission Valley


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