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Dry Eye and LASIK Surgery

Choosing to have LASIK surgery in San Diego can be a life-changing decision and should be weighed heavily. Thankfully, when you are researching this procedure, you can consult with San Diego LASIK surgery centers that will warn you of both the benefits and risks of the surgery, one of which is the possibility of dry eye.

If you already suffer from dry eye, LASIK surgery can exacerbate the problem. San Diego LASIK eye surgery doctors can advise you that in the months right after the procedure is done, you may experience the worst dry eye you have ever had in your life. The symptoms of dry eye can be quite annoying and painful and include a scratchy and itchy feeling, as well as an accumulation of mucus in the corner of the eyes that manifests into the crusty feeling people often wake with in the mornings.  And, believe it or not, excessive tears are also caused when suffering from dry eye. This may seem like an oxymoron, but when the eye does not get enough moisture, the constant irritation in the eye can cause them to water to a point that can become debilitating. When discussing the possibility of dry eye with a doctor in your San Diego LASIK eye surgery center, he or she will probably advise you to use artificial tears in the weeks following your surgery.

Your San Diego LASIK doctor will explain to you how the LASIK procedure is performed and how it leads to dry eye. Basically, a flap is created on the cornea during the surgery and sometimes nerves in the cornea may become severed during this process. This can cause temporary dry eye in many patients and actually cause blurry vision. Now, this may come as a surprise and can also be quite alarming when this surgery is touted to give perfect vision. You may see clearer than you have in years at one moment, and then your vision will be clouded when the tears begin. You may be tempted to call your doctor, but you will also have to remind yourself this was one of the side effects you were warned about. Using artificial tears your San Diego LASIK surgery doctor prescribed for you can alleviate symptoms.  You may also be prescribed a medication that can stimulate your natural tear ducts, which will moisturize your eyes and cause them to not feel as heavy and sore.