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Campo is a small community of 2,600 residents in the hills at the very southern edge of California. The community is accessible via Highway 94, which loops around Potrero County Park and south of Lake Morena County Park; the highway’s rounded path, however, puts Campo out of immediate contact with the rest of San Diego County, helping the residents of the area retain a rural atmosphere even as many of the other towns around the county have been shifting to suburban developments.

Still, Campo isn’t so out of the way that residents can’t get to San Diego and all of its recreational offerings and services. San Diego County is home to numerous LASIK eye surgery clinics that can sharpen your view of the area, and Campo residents can make the one-hour drive into the city for other modern services and facilities.

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For those that really want to get to Campo, there is one especially hard way to do it: Walk from Canada. The trail begins in the north in British Columbia, and it continues 2,650 miles south, ending right near Campo. If you would like to truly take in the full trail, you should think about contacting your local eye care center about how LASIK eye surgery can help fix poor eyesight.

For more casual visitors to Campo, the town is home to a handful of museums, including the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum and the Motor Transport Museum.

Call your local eye care center today to find out how LASIK eye surgery can help cure blurry vision and bring beautiful San Diego County into better clarity.

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