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Considered by many to feature the best beach area in the entire country, Coronado is an upscale residential community with a variety of unique shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Tourists come to Coronado to enjoy the resort atmosphere, complete with shimmering sand beaches and a light surf coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

Coronado residents, of which there are nearly 25,000, enjoy the area for its small-town feel and unparalleled access to the water, and they are willing to pay for both, as Coronado is one of the most expensive communities in the country.

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Visitors also have plenty to enjoy in the town, including the shops, galleries, and activities available along the main street, Orange Avenue. Coronado’s Ferry Landing also houses a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries looking back at downtown San Diego, and until the 1960s, the ferries were the fastest way to get from the main part of Coronado to the city.

Today, though, the San Diego-Coronado Bridge provides easy access to the city via Highway 75, which means residents of Coronado have plenty of access to services like LASIK eye surgery, in addition to all of the recreational opportunities of the city. Laser vision correction can help residents and visitors alike get a better look at beautiful Coronado and all of the ocean views it provides.

Any visit to Coronado should also include a trip to the Hotel del Coronado, which was built in 1888 and has been the major draw to the island since then. LASIK eye surgery at one of the local eye care centers can certainly help visitors get a better look at this beautiful landmark.

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