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The neighborhood is one of the most tolerant and diverse in San Diego, serving as home to the city’s LGBT community. Highly walkable thanks to the close proximity of numerous cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and bookstores, Hillcrest has developed into one of the most active parts of San Diego over the past several decades.

Balboa Park sits just below the neighborhood and houses many of San Diego’s main attractions, including the San Diego Zoo and the Museum of Man. Visitors can head up into Hillcrest to enjoy plenty of arts and culture, in addition to a variety of bars, including Hamilton’s Tavern and Toronado San Diego.

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In addition, Hillcrest is home to fine medical services, with facilities like Scripps Mercy Hospital and the UCSD Medical Center. These facilities provide all sorts of services, including LASIK eye surgery, which can be hugely beneficial for enjoying all of the sights and colors of this neighborhood. Call your local eye care center today to see how laser vision correction can help you enjoy Hillcrest and the rest of the area.

Hillcrest is also home to several popular annual festivals, including CityFest and San Diego Pride. The Pride Parade has happened every July since 1975, and CityFest is a celebration of the local cuisine and entertainment.

Good eyesight can help you get the most out of Hillcrest, so call your local eye care center today. LASIK eye surgery can help you enjoy all of the scenes of Hillcrest, so find out more about how laser vision correction can help you.

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