Lemon Grove

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Lemon Grove, home to about 25,000 residents, was incorporated as its own city in 1977 and has continued to develop into a fine place to raise a family in the San Diego area. Lemon Grove residents are just a short drive away from the main part of the city, giving them access to all of the amenities of the urban area, including eye care centers that offer LASIK eye surgery. Lemon Grove boasts some of the best weather in the country, along with some of the best views, and LASIK eye surgery can help resident enjoy the many beautiful days the town sees each year.

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Lemon Grove is home to a handful of parks that families enjoy using for recreation. The Berry Street Park and the Lemon Grove Park both offers six acres of developed park area, including gazebos for weddings and other special events and space for basketball, picnics, and walking.

Perhaps most appealing about Lemon Grove is its proximity to San Diego. Via Highway 94, Lemon Grove is just a 15-minute drive from San Diego, meaning that area residents can access all of the recreational and economic offerings of the area, including Sea World and the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

Lemon Grove provides the ideal suburban setting in Southern California, complete with affordable living spaces, and there are plenty of facilities to meet the needs of the local residents, including eye care centers. LASIK eye surgery is safe and effective, and it can help bring beautiful Lemon Grove into clearer perspective.

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