Rancho Santa Fe

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Rancho Santa Fe, in its current form, got its start in 1920s as a master-planned community and has since developed into one of the richest areas in the entire country. In fact, in 2000, it was named the wealthiest zip code in the nation, and its current median income sits around $200,000 per household. In 2011, the average home in the Rancho Santa Fe area sold for more than $2.5 million.

Of course, Rancho Santa Fe is a popular spot for a reason. For one, it is located on some of the most beautiful land in the country, just west of picturesque Solana Beach and Encinitas. As such, it is located near a variety of recreational and economic opportunities, in addition to important services like LASIK eye surgery. Clear eyesight is important for enjoying Rancho Santa Fe to the fullest, and the many eye care centers in the area can provide laser vision correction like LASIK eye surgery to give residents a clearer view of their beautiful land.

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While Rancho Santa Fe is mostly a residential area, the village also features some offerings for recreation (in addition to all those available just a few minutes over on the coast and to the south in San Diego). The center of the village is dotted with coffee shops and small businesses, adding to the upscale feel of the area.

Rancho Santa Fe residents certainly have quite a town to enjoy, and LASIK eye surgery can help them enjoy it to the fullest. Call your local eye care center today to find out about how LASIK eye surgery can help you.

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