Laser for the Eyes: Why MANY People Opt for Surgery

Laser for the Eyes: Why MANY People Opt for Surgery

Hundred thousands of people go to eye clinics each year to have their visual problems corrected.  And among the procedures these healthcare providers offer, most of them opt for San Diego laser eye surgery.  Why?

What is a laser?
Laser is a medical device that emits light or a form of magnetic radiation.  It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The light beam emitted by laser which is usually color red has the ability to penetrate through the flesh and target internal organs.  It acts like a blade that can create cuts and wounds.  Laser is primarily used in major surgeries.  One of which is the eye surgery.   San Diego laser eye surgery helps the patient regain his/her clear vision by making changes on the cornea using the laser beam.  Everyone knows how sensitive the eyes are.  The cornea is responsible for helping the eye focus on the light which in turn creates the image and signals it to the brain.  A healthy cornea means a healthy vision.

The ‘Painless’ Procedure?
San Diego laser eye surgery is relatively painless and it can be a smooth procedure because the patient may not feel anything.  The sensation is not irritating at all though the patient may feel something weird (like something’s happening on their eyes) which is normal.  The longest eye surgery using laser takes only about 30 minutes.  This happens to patients who have severe refractive errors especially the older ones.  After the surgery, the patient can go home.  Just like the quick procedure, the recovery is also fast.  It may just take three months for the patient to fully recover but after three or four weeks, everything feels like normal.

The Cost
Another reason why many people opt for laser eye surgery in San Diego is the cost.  Since the competition is high, doctors and eye clinics offer discounted fees and reasonable prices for laser eye surgery.  There are reputable surgeons who can assure success on the procedure in an affordable cost.

Permanent Solution
Whenever people get sick and decide to look for possible treatments, they always think of how long it will be effective.  Everyone hopes for permanent eye care solution.  Fortunately, laser eye surgery guarantees long term if not permanent results (the process varies in different patients).

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