Refractive Errors and San Diego LASER Eye Surgery

Refractive Errors and San Diego LASER Eye Surgery

It is a known fact that our eyes change as we age.  Good if the changes are beneficial but they’re not.   As we grow older, our vision gets poorer and poorer.   Aside from the degeneration of the eyes, there are other more factors that aggravate vision.  These are too much stress, radiation, harmful UV, infection, and abnormalities in eye tissues.

Aside from the traditional remedies such as the use of lenses or glasses, medical procedures like the laser eye surgery is becoming one of the top preferences of many people.  What’s good about this treatment is that it doesn’t call for any age (though there are always restrictions on certain health conditions).  From grannies to kids, San Diego laser eye surgery can be a great option.

One of the major and most important parts of your eyes is the cornea.  It has a direct responsibility over a clear vision.  When the cornea is damaged or there are irregularities or abnormalities on it, poor vision and other problems such as myopia and hyperopia are very much likely to happen.  The cornea works by helping your eyes focus on the light so the image can properly register on your brain.  It works just like a camera.  When the lens is good, you can be sure that you will have quality and clear photos.

It could be genetics or what- the cornea may somehow be in the wrong shape.  Those who are born with refractive errors have bad cornea.  When the cornea is misshaped or it’s not in the right form, your vision will always be blurry and you’ll never get the right focus.

The laser eye surgery is designed to help patients fix their cornea to attain perfect vision.  Using the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), the cornea can be safely restructured so it absorbs light properly and make clearer images.  San Diego laser eye surgery can be used to treat different refractive errors even cataracts which are a big burden to a lot of people especially the elderly.  Astigmatism is another condition which can be cured by laser.

It is but essential that patients find the best surgeon in their place.  Incorrect procedure may result to unpleasant side effects which are as worse as loss of vision or permanent blindness.  The patient must also go through the pre-screening or evaluation tests to confirm is he/she is a good candidate for the surgery.

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