What is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

What is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

Are you sick and tired having to apply and take off your contact lenses day and night? Are you getting annoyed on your prescription glasses?  Then Sa Diego laser eye surgery might be the best option for you. Thousands of people undertake laser eye surgery to put a BIG stop on their eyeglass or contacts dependence.   Laser makes it absolutely possible for people to get a long-term remedy for their refractive illnesses.

How much will it cost a person to undergo Laser Eye Surgery?
Laser eye surgery cost varies from state to state and from different providers.  The charges are affected by many factors.   Contrary to what many people think, the surgery prices are based per eye.  Lucky are those people who only have problems on one of their eyes.  But for those who have problems in both eyes (which is usually the case), they may need to pay double the cost.

The cost of laser eye surgery are usually determined by the service fee of the surgeon, equipment and facilities used, drugs or medications which will be provided during the operation, pre-consultations, eye checkups, and the like.  Some surgeons would add additional fees for other reasons.  It actually depends on what kind of laser will the doctor use for a particular patient.  If the patient chooses the LASIK surgery, the cost may be a bit higher.  This is actually the latest form of laser eye surgery and the surgeon might use a very expensive bladeless tool or what they call InterLase (all laser) equipment.

Price Tags:
•    It may be $2,000 or more per eye for treatments that use wave-front laser.
•    It may be $2,000 or more per eye for the surgery that makes use of all-laser equipment.
•    It may be $1,500 or more per eye for excimer lasers or those which makes use of bladed instruments and no need for wave-front analysis

As you will notice, the price has something to do with the laser type.  Laser has never been that cheap but so far, it’s the best tool for all kinds of surgery because it produces les damage on crucial parts or organs of the human body.

The good thing is, with the rise in competition between laser eye surgery providers, the prices have been considerably reduced.  You can start your search as early as now to find the clinic which will give you your money’s worth.  Just remember NOT to COMPROMISE the quality of service over the price.

You will need to contact your local San Diego LASIK eye doctor to ask for pricing.

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