Do’s and Don’ts when Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

Do’s and Don’ts when Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is one of the most popular method of repairing refractive errors.  It generally works by restructuring the cornea to achieve better vision.  If you’re planning to undergo LASIK, you must always take time to learn the things you should and should not do after the surgery.  The treatment doesn’t actually ends after the eye operation.

The post-operative stage is perhaps the most critical period.  Remember that during the surgery, your eyes are literally wounded.   The way you care about your eyes will determine the length of time you need to completely recover.

The recuperation of your optics is as important as the operation itself.  Though San Diego LASIK surgery usually assures a painless and quicker improvement of your vision (especially the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism that’s going to last merely for quarter hour), the preparation itself is usually as pivotal as the operation.

1.     Avoid touching, scratching, or rubbing your eyes

You must always remember – do not scratch, rub or touch your eye. Generally your eye may be watery, foggy, and hazy and the urge to disturb the optics may entice you, but please don’t.

2.     Avoid exposure to sunlight

A small number of days after that the operation your eye can be sensible to light, you’ll probably even believe that you are seeing ghost, auras, and murky images of things but this may disappear just after a day or two. And if not never be afraid to reach for the phone and dial the number of your eye doctor. He may need you to take antibiotics, steroids, and other medicines.

3.     Avoid contact with chemicals and other foreign substances

You must remember that after that your operation one must always make a fortress that will protect your oculus from any physical contact to foreign matter. The first week will likely to be of the essence since that you’re adapting with the protective regiment. There are tips you really need to remember in the 1st week of convalescence phase. Water may very well be innocuous but please try not letting it hit your face. Soap and shampoo are grievous irritants to your optics. Perspiration would even be a probable hazard. Don’t forget the prescriptions drug yielded by your personal doctor. For the mean time, abstain from swimming, utilizing whirlpools, and hot tubs they’re basic irritants. The like preferably should relate to ointments, creams, and eye make up.

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