LASIK San Diego Surgery: Post Operative Treatment

LASIK San Diego Surgery: Post Operative Treatment

IT’S ENOUGH – you no longer wish to spend the remaining years of your life wearing your eyeglasses.  You just want to live normal and see the world in a clearer view without wearing or using anything.   So after doing some research on the net, you found a very good solution for your eye problem which is the San Diego LASIK Surgery.  LASIK (Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) that could correct your visual sense problem through the application of the laser technology. Currently you have had just the surgical procedure and you believe it finishes there.

The Recovery Period

Well candidly speaking, you’re about a quarter off from gleaning the benefits of your surgical procedure but the thing is you will have to be dead enthusiastic for the last stage of your oculus treatment and that is – convalescence. The convalescence of your optics is as significant as the surgical procedure itself. Though LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery promises a painless and more rapid salvation of your visual sense (specially eliminating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism that is going to last just for about 15 minutes), the convalescence itself can be as vital as the surgical procedure.

While letting your eyes heal from the surgery, you must be very patient and careful.  The temptation to scratch, rub and finally contaminate the burning and itching sensation of your eyes is so much of a challenge for the days that they’re still healing. Customarily your eye may be watery, blurry, and hazy and the urge to touch the optics may tempt you with the thought of cleaning the view. But please don’t.  You must realize that right after your surgical procedure one must always build a fortress that will protect your oculus from any physical contact to foreign matter.

Some days after that the surgical procedure your eye are generally sensitive to light, you probably will even believe that you are seeing spook, auras, and murky images of things but it might vanish just after a couple of days. And if not do not ever fret to get into for the telephone and call your eye doctor. He may require you to take some medications such as antibiotics, steroids and you might be asked to visit the clinic again for another checkup.

The first week would be essential since you are adapting within your protective regiment. There are rules you need to never forget in the first few days and weeks of convalescence stage. Water is often safe but please tries not letting it hit your face.  Also be careful when taking a bath.  Soap and shampoo are dangerous irritants to your eyes. Sweat would definitely even be a probable risk. Don’t forget the prescriptions medicine afforded by a medical expert. For the mean time, abstain from utilizing whirlpools or swimming, and hot tubs they’re drab irritants. Don’t play hard sports because you’ll never know when accidents may happen and your eyes might be hit.  Furthermore, refrain from applying lotions, creams, and eye makeup.

After this critical period, you can live your live just the way you wanted.  Be prepared to say hello to a more beautiful and colorful world!

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