Preparing for LASIK Surgery

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

Your vision is a precious gift and any type of surgical procedure performed on your eyes will take much care and preparation so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. With the modern technology of LASIK surgery, people who previously needed glasses or contact lenses are able to see clearer than ever and LASIK surgery in San Diego has gained much popularity over the last decade.

Before having LASIK surgery performed, there are various things that must take place initially. First, you will have a comprehensive consultation and eye exam with your San Diego LASIK doctor. You will go over costs with one of his staff members, but he will also give you a set of instructions you must adhere to so that the procedure is a success. At the pre-op exam, your doctor will dilate your eye and check for any abnormalities. He will also check your tear function, as moisturizing the eye is imperative in the months following a LASIK procedure.

After the exam, he will discuss what you can expect the day of the procedure and what you need to do on the days leading up to it. If you wear soft contact lenses, choose the glasses route in the weeks leading up to the surgery to give your eyes a rest. Hard contact lenses shouldn’t be worn for up to a months before your San Diego LASIK eye surgery procedure. Most contact lens wearers usually have a pair of glasses on hand, so this should not be difficult.

There are also instructions for the day before the surgery is performed. No makeup should be worn, especially eye makeup that may leave debris in the eye and make the procedure more difficult. You may also be asked to wash your eyes completely the day prior to the procedure to help lessen the chance of catching any sort of eye infection that can interfere with the success of the LASIK. The day of your San Diego LASIK surgery, you must arrange for transportation to and from the doctor’s office. Your vision will be blurry following the procedure and it will not be safe for you to drive yourself home. You also do not want to wear any accessories or jewelry, especially by your neck and hair as this can affect how your head lays underneath the laser equipment. Depending on your anxiety level, some doctor will also advise you to take medication to alleviate any nervous feelings you have during the surgery, as you will be wide awake throughout it.

It is important  to follow your doctor’s instructions to the tee, as he only has your best interest in mind, especially the interest of your vision.

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