The History of LASIK

The History of LASIK

LASIK eye surgery has become one of the most popular elective procedures of the 21st century. It serves both a cosmetic and medical purpose, as patients will be able to see better than they could ever remember and be free of the cumbersomeness of glasses or contacts in order to see clearly. What many do not realize is that the technology for this surgery has been in development for nearly a century.

When you choose to have this procedure at our San Diego LASIK facility, know you are being treated with proven technology and equipment that has been in development for many years and has been tried, tested and approved by the FDA. The original concept of LASIK surgery was first conceived at the start of the 20th century, as new knowledge about the workings of the eye was discovered. In the 1970s, the ideas were put to work after a doctor in Russia treated an injured eye by just removing a portion of the eye’s outer service. LASIK development was in full force after that.

It was 1987 when LASIK first became commercially available in the US and since then countless San Diego LASIK surgery patients have reported clear vision results after undergoing the procedure. Experienced ophthalmologists have been performing LASIK surgery in San Diego for years using the most updated LASIK surgery techniques and technology available. Different methods of performing this surgery include blade and non-blade techniques. A blade can be used to cut the flap in the eye that is imperative to LASIK in San Diego and anywhere else, or a second laser can be used to do the same thing and have the same result. This is often up to the discretion of your San Diego LASIK eye surgery center. Other types of LASIK are called Wavefront and Epi-LASIK.

The results of this type of surgery have been life-changing for many people. Gone are the days of feeling awkward in glasses or soaking contact lenses in solution each night before bed. Some patients report seeing better than they ever did with glasses or contacts after their LASIK procedure is done. Of course, the results will not be immediate as your eyes will be blurry just after the surgery is complete. But, the next day you will literally have a whole new outlook on life as the world is finally clear and crisp. This technology that began as just a concept nearly 100 years ago has improved the lives of millions of people and can improve your life as well. Call your San Diego LASIK center today to find out how.


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