Why Do Cataracts Occur?

Why Do Cataracts Occur?

Cataracts are almost an expected part of aging and indeed, this eye disease affects millions of people over the age of 60 every year. Surgery to have cataracts removed is the only option for fixing this ailment, although not everyone chooses to do so. Still, when people understand the facts about cataracts and what causes them, it may make cataract surgery in San Diego less daunting.

First, it is important to understand some basic facts about the make up of the eye. Water and protein are the two basic things that the eye is comprised of. Water keeps the eye moisturized, while the protein helps keep clarity on the lens so we see more clearly. As we age, these proteins change and lead to cloudiness on the lens. This is a slow and gradual process that is barely noticed—if at all—while it is happening, but eventually this protein change and breakdown becomes what are known as cataracts and clear vision seems to be a thing of the past. Now, in some rare cases babies might be born with broken down eye proteins, but in most cases it is just a result of the body’s natural aging process.

Like many ailments, outside factors can bring them on as well. While we cannot slow down aging and naturally happens to our eyes, we are able to speed up the occurrence of cataracts with lifestyle choices. Statistics have shown those who smoke cigarettes or expose themselves to excessive UV rays over a long period of time are more apt to develop cataracts and may even develop them at an earlier age. Of course, some outside causes cannot be helped, and these included suffering from diabetes and having to take steroidal medication for some health conditions.

When cataracts do develop, they are characterized by poor vision. It is almost like seeing through a very dirty windshield that no amount of cleaning will help. Some people are able to accept this and live with it, while others choose to seek out help. Once cataracts are diagnosed, San Diego cataract surgery is usually recommended, although not completely necessary as cataracts do not do damage to the overall health of the eye. Some people know they will need to have San Diego cataract eye surgery somewhere down the line, but may choose to wait until the cataracts become a nuisance or too much to bear. More extreme cases can not only cause vision impairment, but also cause pain. If you think you are suffering from cataracts, take the first step to getting help and call us today.

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