What Makes for a Successful San Diego Lasik Eye Surgery Appointment

What Makes for a Successful San Diego Lasik Eye Surgery Appointment

When going in for your San Diego LASIK screening, preparation and open communication are two imported components to making the most out of your face time with your eye doctor.

Below are a few recommendations to help you as a patient have a satisfying and productive appointment:

Schedule smart – when you first call to schedule your appointment be sure to be clear about all of your reasons for your office visit. This helps the office staff to schedule the necessary amount of time to address all of your concerns. Also, it is important to arrive early for your first San Diego LASIK surgery appointment to fill out any forms that may be required.

Organize your details –  before your office visit it is a good practice to write down all of your health symptoms, medications, and supplements. This is also a good time to list any types of allergies or health problems you may be experiencing.

Set your goals –  it is always a good idea to set a goal for your appointment, Whether it be a simple diagnosis or another outcome. Create a list ahead of time of all of your questions and concerns with the most important ones at the top. This way all of your details are answered without anything being missed or unclear.

Be Open, Honest and Realistic –  it is critical that you understand the importance of giving accurate information to your LASIK surgery San Diego surgeon. Do not be embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit drinking, smoking, or any other habits that may potentially put your health at risk.

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