Rady Plans Specialty-care Clinic in San Diego

Rady Plans Specialty-care Clinic in San Diego

While collaborating with Sanford health of South Dakota and San Diego philanthropists Pam and Marty Wygod, Rady children’s hospital is seeking to develop a primary and specialty care clinic for children in Oceanside.

The primary focus of this project is to increase access to a variety of pediatric services ranging from preventative medicine to heart treatment to San Diego Lasik care. The new facility will be known as the Stanford children’s clinic at Rady Children’s Hospital and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2011.

A very generous 2.5 million-dollar donation from the Wygods will help fund part of the project. Marty Wygod is also the chairman for WebMD Health, and attended a news conference at the site of the future clinic with Ernest Rady and South Dakota businessman T. Denny Sanford, whose $400 million gift to Sanford children’s in 2007 was able to launch a the hospitals project to open pediatric clinics worldwide.

This clinic is strategically placed with about 110,000 children living within 10 miles of the site. This clinic will also drastically increase the amount of general and specialty pediatricians practicing in North San Diego.

This center will be housed in a 28,600 ft.² building that has been purchased by Rady children’s. The large two-story structure is built a bout a mile west of Tri-City medical facility.

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