Genetic Testing Kit Hitting Shelves in San Diego

Genetic Testing Kit Hitting Shelves in San Diego

Genetic testing kits from Pathway Genomics hit the shelves of Walgreens drugstores nationwide this week and will likely result in a spike of consumer interest focused on genetic testing.

In the recent past, most of these genetic testing products have been sold mainly online or through doctors offices and have drawn relatively little interest since they sprang onto the scene just under three years ago. Rough estimates put the total sales of thus far of these kits at 50,000 to 100,000 test kits sold.

The low interest and low sales is partly due to the price of one of these genetic testing kits. The cost ranges from about $300-$2000 for a comprehensive genetic testing kit. These kits will test your DNA to identify risks for her drug reactions, the likelihood of passing on mutations to children, or developing specific diseases and heart conditions. Lasik reviews San Diego.

Pathways Kit is being sold and Walgreens stores for about $20. The consumer will place their saliva into a special container and ship it to the company for analysis. The analysis will cost between $79 and $249 depending on the tests you request. We checked Pathway’s website, and the company is offering a single testing package for $399.

Jim Woodman, the vice president of corporate strategy for Pathway Genomics, said “We are really doing this to increase consumer awareness, not just for us but for the entire genetic-testing industry.”

Pathway Genomics is headquartered in Sorrento Valley area of San Diego near local Laser eye surgery San Diego offices. This genetic testing move by the company represents a big step for the privately owned business, which launched its service in September.

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