Grant Issued Allowing Medical Groups to Streamline Patent Records

Grant Issued Allowing Medical Groups to Streamline Patent Records

A plethora of hospitals and community clinics in San Diego County has just one a $15.3 million federal grant allowing them to electronically link medical records of patients into a system that can be easily shared between doctors.

By digitally linking records, this helps to reduce errors while enabling physicians to quickly and easily reduce certain health-care costs and better promote preventative health maintenance.

This was announced on Tuesday in Washington DC by VP Joe Biden and health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius said these grants will generate several well-paying jobs and every one of the affected areas and she hopes these projects can serve as models for other cities throughout the country to follow in their footsteps.

“These pioneering communities are going to lead the way in bringing smarter, lower-cost health care to all Americans through use of electronic health records,” Biden said. “For the residents of these communities, the future is about to become a reality.”

In San Diego the UCSD medical Center will be functioning as the leading facility for this local initiative. Other local members include Scripps health, sharp healthcare, the San Diego Naval medical Center, the San Diego VA healthcare system, the San Diego Council of community clinics, Rady Childrens Hospital, the County office of emergency medical services, and the San Diego County medical Society. It is expected that LASIK San Diego and vision providers will be included making the process that much more streamline. Custom Lasik San Diego.

It will take some time for these changes to take place but we can rest assured that in the near future we can look forward to better healthcare record maintenance.

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