Side Effects and Healing Process of LASIK Eye Surgery

Side Effects and Healing Process of LASIK Eye Surgery

With the advancements in LASIK technology, Laser eye surgery San Diego is quickly becoming a popular form of vision correction. This may be largely due to the fact that the surgery can permanently correct your vision and has relatively few side effects. Be advised, this is still a surgery and therefore requires an experienced and skilled LASIK eye surgeon. It is recommended that you choose a doctor with a successful past in performing LASIK.

Fortunately, very few people will experience significant side effects. The statistics indicate that about 1 to 5% of patients will have some type of side effects. However, most side effects will be very minimal and most of these patients will have good overall results.

Many different surveys have helped to shed light on the different side effects and different factors that may cause the. One of of the biggest factors is the surgeon that performs your surgery. On this topic, San Diego has proven to have outstanding results with performing LASIK eye surgery. San Diego LASIK eye surgery surgeons have displayed outstanding consistent results while performing LASIK. Other side effects that have been reported by patients include sensitivity to light and about 1.6% of patients; night vision problems and about 3.5% of patients; and fluctuation issues in approximately 2.6% of patients. Overall, relatively small percentages.

The highest risk for this surgery is the possibility of infection. For this reason, eyedrops are used after the surgery to prevent this from happening. Another side effect some patients report is that their cornea is either wrinkled or raised. Fortunately, this problem is easily corrected by your surgeon. Regardless if the patient suffers any side effects or not, they are still required to maintain regular doctor visits.

If you are having pain or discomfort in your eyes after the surgery and feel something is not right, you should not wait to call your surgeon. This is many times due to a particle or foreign substance getting stuck in your eye. Fortunately, your doctor should be able to quickly fix the issue so you are not in pain.

During the healing process, you will need to pay very close attention in order to help protect your eyes. There are many things you should avoid doing during the 2 to 4 weeks after your LASIK surgery. First and foremost, you should never rub your eyes under any condition. The flap will take a minimum of two weeks to steal itself, and if you move it out of place by rubbing your eyes you may need further surgery.

Dry and or windy conditions should be avoided by all patients after receiving San Diego LASIK eye surgery. If you are experiencing dry eyes, you need to protect them by using the special eyedrops your doctor prescribes to you. Women need to avoid wearing any type of makeup that is close to your eyes. And all patients need to refrain from going into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi for at least four weeks after your surgery.

To reduce your chances of side effects with LASIK, it is recommended that you take time selecting the best surgeon possible. Although, sometimes complications with the procedure cannot be avoided this can definitely reduce your risk factor. For some people this means traveling to see a Lasik San Diego specialist. On a positive note, LASIK eye surgery has proven to be a very safe procedure with relatively few problems.

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