2011 Healthy Care Laws Kick In

2011 Healthy Care Laws Kick In

With the change in the new year brings in many more aspects for the federal health care overhaul with several new programs being launched. Although, Republicans in Congress are planning to vote that could repeal the package of health care reforms.

There are many changes included in the most recent plans. This year’s changes includes requiring health plans to spend at least 80% of premiums on patient care or make rebates to consumers. Some Medicare recipients stand to benefit from prescription drug discounts and free preventative health care. A San Diego LASIK professional has experienced some of these changes.

Also, many restaurant chains and food vending machines will now be required to visibly post nutritional information to their customers which is required I state law and federal law.

Those with tax-free flexible spending accounts will no longer be able to use them for over-the-counter drug purchases and will likely cause more higher income seniors to pay higher premiums for Medicare.

These new health care programs were built on regulations that begun last year. It is not known if they will cover LASIK surgery San Diego.

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