Rates Drop for Preventable Hospitalization costs

Rates Drop for Preventable Hospitalization costs

State officials that collect data from hospitals about patience has been analyzed with hopes to get a better idea of how well specific communities are providing preventative healthcare to their patients. It is not yet known if Lasik eye surgery San Diego will be affected.

This data and reports are collected and analyzed annually and measures and compares 14 health conditions with the goal of determining how many preventable hospitalizations occur and where the efforts are being exercised to prevent hospitalizations seem to be working positively.

These numbers track patients who are admitted into hospitals and treated for medical conditions that could have been avoided had they prior received proper healthcare. Many of these conditions include things such as pediatric asthma, bacterial pneumonia, and dehydration. Lasik San Diego is likely not included.

This particular study looked at hospital admission rates between 1999 and 2008 and focused on the 14 health conditions in which earlier intervention or through outpatient care can potentially prevent the need for future hospitalization.

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