Keeping Open Wounds Clean Effectively

Keeping Open Wounds Clean Effectively

In a very an interesting study recently done at John Hopkins University, research that studies on how to keep wounds clean from infection. It was found that infection prevention may possibly depend less on using the right antibiotic and more on simply keeping the wound clean.

The study was published in the Journal pediatrics issue in which 200 children ages 6 to 18 years old were studied for infections. Each child had a skin infection which was generally from allergies, diaper rash or eczema. 137 of them were found to test positive for MRSA which is a problematic bacterium that has shown resistance to many common antibiotics on the market today.

At random, the children were then treated with clindamycin, which is an antibiotic that is shown to be effective against MRSA. after only about two or three days 97% of the children treated showed either improvement or complete healing. This shows that the choice of antibiotic proved to be a relevant. Of the nine children whose infections have not improved in the specified time frame, three were treated with clindamycin and six with cephalexin. An interesting point to note was that children under one year of age showed a significantly lower rate of improvement in a matter which antibiotic was used for them.

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