LASIK: Weighing the Benefits and Risks

LASIK: Weighing the Benefits and Risks

LASIK is one of the most popular treatments for refractive disorders.  It makes use of laser to correct eye visions by shaping the cornea and removing tissues to achieve the right corneal form.  The cornea is the largest part of the human eye and its function is to refract light for the brain to process pictures or images of what the eyes see.  People can see and recognize images, colors, and figures in near and far distance because of cornea.  Nonetheless, there are cases that the cornea has abnormalities.  This is the common reason of refractive disorders.

LASIK is administered by licenses ophthalmologists or eye surgeons.  Not all ophthalmologists are knowledgeable on the process though.  LASIK San Diego eye surgery and Laser treatment providers are licensed to initiate such medical eye treatments.

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery

Laser visual corrections are the most effective treatment for visual impairments so far.  LASIK has earned reputation with the high rate of success and minimal side effects.  Another benefits of LASIK is that it can reduce (if not totally eliminate) dependency on external lenses.  Many treatments still need to be accompanied by eye glasses or contact lenses after the procedures unlike LASIK.

The treatment is less painful than its forerunner which is PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy.  Many people love LASIK surgery because it is hassle free.  The surgery doesn’t look like surgery at all.  It just likes an eye checkup that lasts for several minutes.

Associated Risks

No matter how successful Laser Eye Surgery San Diego has become in repairing visual disorders, it is still a medical procedure that entails risks and consequences.  Common side effects are: eye irritation that is accompanied by itchiness, watery or dry eyes, and blurry sight.  Normally, side effects are temporary and can be treated using other methods.  Still, there are cases (though very rare) that patients suffer long-term side effects such as loss of eye vision, color blindness, and extreme eyesight (poor vision or over correctness).  Seeking for the best and highly experienced LASIK eye surgeon in San Diego will reduce the risks associated with the treatment.

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