Side Effects of LASIK

Side Effects of LASIK

Before going through any medical treatment, you want to know if it is safe or not.  You want to learn about the advantage and disadvantages of such procedure.  Of course you need to know it.  You only have one life going through any treatment may cause side effects that can give you either temporary or permanent harm.  You deserve to know the risks of every procedure that some medical practitioners may not tell you.

So you’ve heard about LASIK and how it is done.  It’s time to know what the risks are if you decide to take LASIK.

Before anything else, you need to understand that LASIK surgery San Diego is generally recognized as a safe procedure.  Nevertheless, it can lead to some complications such as:

¥    Blurred Vision which can be temporary or permanent
¥    Regression or gradual loss of eyesight
¥    Night blindness
¥    Extreme quality of vision (Extra correct vision or poor vision)
¥    Eye dryness that may become permanent as well
¥    Itchy and watery yes

According to studies, long term complications brought by LASIK surgery is only 0.50%.  Temporary side effects are prevalent but can always be treated.  Among other kinds of refractive error treatments, LASIK is generally safer.  It is also less painful and ensure quick recovery of patients.

Most of the time; side effects are caused by errors made by the surgeons.  There are cases when the flap created is injured or incorrectly cut.  On the other hand, complications may be caused by the low resistance of patients.  Patients who have very poor vision and acute refractive problems are likely to get more complications than those with uncomplicated visual disorders.

It is important that you choose only the best surgeon in San Diego Laser eye surgery.  Being prepared with the consequences is essential in deciding whether to undergo treatment or not.

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