Scary Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery when Incorrectly Administered

Scary Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery when Incorrectly Administered

Are you tempted to try laser eye surgery? Perhaps you’ve heard good stories about this procedure. Maybe a lot of people- friends, relatives, officemates, and companions told you good things about laser eye surgery and you want to give it a shot. Probably, you’re bushed wearing eyeglasses always and you feel like they’re just making you look older. Moreover, you hate wearing contacts. They’re very unpleasant in the eyes (not to mention the burden of taking them off when you’re too tired at night). While San Diego laser eye surgery can be a reliable solution to let you see clearer, you should also know the consequences of this treatment so you can come up with a smart decision of whether to undergo or not to undergo laser eye surgery.

• Dry Eyes
As a patient, you must be aware of the possible side effects that laser eye surgery may give you. The first and most common are dry eyes. Dry eyes are very discomforting. Without using eye drops, you won’t be able to tolerate the pain. Dry eyes result from damaged nerves caused by the surgery. The nerves that are usually broken are nerves that stimulate tears. What’s very terrifying with dry eyes is that it can trigger infection and lead to loss of vision permanently.

• Poor Night Vision
During the eye surgery, the doctor creates a thin flap. The flap is then lifted so the laser can penetrate within and remove unwanted tissues on the cornea. The doctor reshapes the cornea in such way that it can properly receive light. Once it has been fixed, the eyes can see more clearly. After the process, the flap is folded back. When it’s not folded correctly, chances are it will produce wrinkles or it wouldn’t hold fast on the eyes properly. This condition results to poor night vision. The wrinkles create speckles in the vision of the patient.

• Floaters
Another side effect that may arise from laser eye surgery is floaters. These are characterized by dots and blank lines in the vision of the patient after the surgery. It doesn’t cause any harm on the eyes but it can be so irritating and frustrating at the same time.

The good news is these side effects are very rare. If you choose the best San Diego laser eye surgery doctor, you can be assured that the procedure will be done correctly and you will have clearer vision in an instant!

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