2011 Healthy Care Laws Kick In

With the change in the new year brings in many more aspects for the federal health care overhaul with several new programs being launched. Although, Republicans in Congress are planning to vote that could repeal the package of health care reforms.

There are many changes included in the most recent plans. This year’s changes includes requiring health plans to spend at least 80% of premiums on patient care or make rebates to consumers. Some Medicare recipients stand to benefit from prescription drug discounts and free preventative health care. A San Diego LASIK professional has experienced some of these changes.

Also, many restaurant chains and food vending machines will now be required to visibly post nutritional information to their customers which is required I state law and federal law.

Those with tax-free flexible spending accounts will no longer be able to use them for over-the-counter drug purchases and will likely cause more higher income seniors to pay higher premiums for Medicare.

These new health care programs were built on regulations that begun last year. It is not known if they will cover LASIK surgery San Diego.


Consistent Health Evaluations Help Prevent Potential Problems

Health officials are finding that making sure you get regular health screening is a great way of detecting disease early which ensures a greater likelihood of receiving a successful treatment. This is found particularly true with heart conditions, stroke, and some forms of cancer.

Our Lasik San Diego doctors colleague advised a person’s age, genetics, and lifestyle are all different, disease risk will vary between individuals and each person should meet with their physicians to learn how often they need specific screenings. Here are a couple of the two most common health screenings that are very important.

Cholesterol –  it is been found by health professionals that too much LDL or “bad” cholesterol in your blood stream can lead to hardening of your arteries which increases your risk of a heart attack and/or stroke. On the other hand, low levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol can also increase your risk. Starting usually around the age of 40 are cholesterol levels should be checked every three years for patients with a normal amount of risk. Ideally you will want LDL levels to be less than 100 while HDL levels should be over 44 men and 54 women – San Diego Laser Eye Surgery.

Blood pressure –  high blood pressure is a very serious issue in the United States as it affects one in three adults. It increases your risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and stroke. Preventing high blood pressure is one of the best ways to prevent heart damage and related heart disease. Most commonly for healthy adults in a normal blood pressure is less than 120/80. A reading of 140/90 and above is considered high blood pressure. Adults 30 years old and older should have their blood pressure checked every year, and if there is a high family history of high blood pressure more regular screenings may be necessary.


What Makes for a Successful San Diego Lasik Eye Surgery Appointment

When going in for your San Diego LASIK screening, preparation and open communication are two imported components to making the most out of your face time with your eye doctor.

Below are a few recommendations to help you as a patient have a satisfying and productive appointment:

Schedule smart – when you first call to schedule your appointment be sure to be clear about all of your reasons for your office visit. This helps the office staff to schedule the necessary amount of time to address all of your concerns. Also, it is important to arrive early for your first San Diego LASIK surgery appointment to fill out any forms that may be required.

Organize your details –  before your office visit it is a good practice to write down all of your health symptoms, medications, and supplements. This is also a good time to list any types of allergies or health problems you may be experiencing.

Set your goals –  it is always a good idea to set a goal for your appointment, Whether it be a simple diagnosis or another outcome. Create a list ahead of time of all of your questions and concerns with the most important ones at the top. This way all of your details are answered without anything being missed or unclear.

Be Open, Honest and Realistic –  it is critical that you understand the importance of giving accurate information to your LASIK surgery San Diego surgeon. Do not be embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit drinking, smoking, or any other habits that may potentially put your health at risk.


Healthy Diet for Athletes at San Diego Olympic Training Center

At the San Diego Olympic training Center it is no surprise that eating healthy is a standard that is upheld regularly. Executive chief Karl Kline and nutritionists Andrea Braakhuis worked diligently to make sure all of the athletes have the right combination of nutrition and flavor for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything in between.

This special San Diego training center helps develop athletes into the top of their league with his many as 120 athletes visiting at a time. You may be surprised to learn that almost all of these athletes consume about 10,000 calories a day. Our Lasik San Diego eye surgeon was surprised by this one, thats a lot of calories!

Every year the San Diego Olympic training Center kitchen uses approximately 30,000 pounds of fruit, 4,000 gallons of juice, 10,000 dozen eggs, 5000 loaves of bread, 4000 gallons of mouth, 12,500 cups of yogurt, 15,000 pounds of chicken breasts and 8000 pounds of pasta. Fortunately client purchases 80% of the fresh produce she uses for the San Diego athletes from local growers and most of it is organic – San Diego Lasik reviews.

As does a great job of making sure none of the food is fried and the only loyal use is  olive oil.

Lasik eye surgery San Diego


Health Testing of San Diego Beaches is Way Down

Since monitoring the health levels of San Diego beaches became a law over a decade ago, California beaches have shown the lowest testing rates which puts swimmers, surfers, and divers at greater risk of exposure to contaminated water – San Diego Lasik.

Just this week beaches all over California from San Diego to San Francisco are being tested less often and in fewer locations year after year. Some beaches have reported going untested for months at a time. For California alone, the number of annual tests for bacteria has dropped almost half since 2005 according to a Times analysis of state records.

A Lasik San Diego surgeon and active beachgoer stated of course no one in San Diego likes to hear these facts but it is important however one pays close attention to them and does their part to help keep the San Diego beaches clean for ever one to enjoy them.


10 ways to get rid of your eye problems

Out of all the senses that we have, sight is probably the more cherished one. We feel absolutely hopeless if there is something wrong with our eyes. But with advanced technology, eye problems are a thing of the past. If you are suffering from any kind of eye problem, you have a miraculous recovery technology called laser eye treatment. After you undergo a laser eye treatment or surgery you will no longer feel the need to wear those contact lenses or glasses. You will regain what they call the perfect 20/20 vision.

In 2000, LASIK, one of the treatments related to laser eye surgery, guaranteed a success rate of about 65%. Later on, we saw the introduction of wavefront guided technology, a miraculous innovation that significantly increased the success percentage of LASIK treatment. In 2008, through this new technology, eye specialists managed a success rate of 95%. A truly amazing leap in eight odd years! With the wavefront guided technology being used extensively now, patients almost have a guaranteed success rate with their vision restoration.

As it happens with any technology, wavefront guided technology has also managed to bring down the cost of eye treatment or surgery. Laser eye treatment using wavefront guided technology is now very affordable. Most of the eye clinics use this technology to treat eye problems of patients. And the amazing part is that some of the clinics also help their patients by offering easy payment methods like monthly installments. This has ensured that more eye patients can now afford LASIK San Diego treatment using wavefront guided technology.

The eye surgeons have also embraced this new technology with open arms. Through all these years, they have specialized in the art of LASIK treatment using wavefront guided technology. So, if you visit a good eye surgeon these days, you can rest assured that he or she will be more then able to treat your eye condition and in the minimal amount of time.

One of the other benefits of LASIK treatment using wavefront guided technology is that the recovery time for the patients has decreased drastically. These days you don’t need to spend weeks in the clinic waiting for your sight to get restored. With this new technology in place, you can rest assured that your recovery time will be lesser. You have your eyes restored sooner and you also get to save considerably on the clinic bill.

Laser eye treatment using wavefront guided technology is truly an amazing innovation in the field of eye surgery. Humans never stop innovating and this technology is surely going to pave the way for something more advanced. Continuous research on this technology is still on. Visit here to ask about San Diego LASIK surgery cost.

Laser eye treatment is a great answer to people who are suffering from various kinds of eye problems. With this new treatment in place, eye patients can now look forward to a more exciting and meaningful life in front of them. Throw away the glasses and the contact lenses because you don’t need them anymore with laser eye treatment available for you.


San Diego’s Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Gets an Update

It’s been a long time coming, and after multiple requests, race director of the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Kari Logan has finally added a half marathon to the 26.2 mile block party. It is hard to believe, but this will mark the 13th year of the big event that is expected to draw much more attention than any previous year.

The new event will be called the Rock ’n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & Half, and they are even adding a new course that will finish at Sea world. James Ross, a local Laser eye surgery San Diego specialist, is very happy with the new half marathon being added and said “Maybe now I can finally get my wife to come out here with me. Its so much fun.”

Since its inception in 2003, the half marathon has been one of the fastest growing distance foot races in the country. Since 2002, we have watched over 20 new half marathons per year sprouting up on all types of racing event’s. Although the Rock ’n’ Roll race directors finally gave in and added a half marathon, it is something they have hesitated on for years.

Keri Logan said, “We liked the fact it was a stand-alone marathon.”

Not to mention the logistical issues. Vice president for the competitor group, Tracy Sundlun, said “we would have been unable to do this without severely impacting the community. Too many people would have been enclosed by the race.”

Last January it was expected that the half marathon would attract 16,500 entrants to 8500 for the full marathon. Rather, both the half and full marathon have topped out at 15,000 entrants. This gives you a great example of how loyal the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon runners are – eye surgery San Diego.

Last year alone, the marathon logged 15,189 participants. Even after factoring in a typical 15% no-show by registered runners, the organizers for this year’s marathon and half marathon are looking at the probability of about 25,000 runners come Sunday. Those numbers alone account for a 65% increase over last year’s numbers. – LASIK surgeon San Diego.


San Diego’s New Low Radiation X-Ray Machines

San Diego’s Rady Children’s hospital is the first medical building on the entire West Coast, and one of only five in the country, to have a new low radiation x-ray machine which decreases radiation exposure up to 90%.

The new device is being called the EOS, and some doctors asked the hospital stay at the machine does come with some limitations, however it proves to be very useful for treating children with spinal deformities or anyone requiring constant x-rays over a long period of time. As far as caring for adults, this device is typically used only for patients suffering from degenerative bone diseases.

It is important to understand that EOS is not a substitute for CT scans, as those enabled doctors to see inside organs and other bodily tissues. Studies have shown that high levels of radiation can increase a person’s chances of developing certain types of cancer. While CT scans pose great risks of radiation exposure, continuous x-rays can also pose a similar danger.

According to a 2009 report by the national Council on radiation protection and measurements, medical devices account for a bout half of the radiation exposure Americans receive each year. You may be surprised to learn that x-ray machines only account for about 5% of that amount. Other x-ray devices such as those used in dentist offices and LASIK San Diego clinics are included in the totals.

According to Dr. Kimberly Applegate of Atlanta, it is important that children are protected from this radiation as they tend to be especially vulnerable to the damage caused by radiation to their cells while their bodies are still growing – Lasik surgery San Diego.

This new EOS x-ray machine has set the stage in some of the latest advancements at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.


San Diegans Lacking Proper Suntelligence

With the constant sunshine that San Diego experiences year after year, it would seem prudent that San Diego residents would be very well versed in the dangers of too much sun exposure when compared to the rest of the nation.

However, a recent survey done by the American Academy of Dermatology reports otherwise. Our local sunny metropolitan area ranked 17th out of 26 of the nation’s largest urban centers in eight term researchers call “suntelligence” – a person’s behavior, knowledge and attitude toward preventing and detecting skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun.

You may also be surprised to know that other large California cities ranked poorly as well. San Francisco ranked 14th, the highest placement of all California cities, And Los Angeles finished in 22nd place.

Topping out the list was Hartford Connecticut, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Tampa. Seattle, Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh came in at the lowest spots. San Diego Lasik eye surgery.

The survey was based on the results of more than 7100 people that was completed online. Participants were asked a wide range of questions by researchers, including how many hours they typically spend in the sun each week, how often they use sunscreen or wear hats to shield themselves from the sun’s rays, and whether or not sun exposure in childhood is related to skin cancer later in life.

Also, nearly 43% of San Diegans were unaware that it is not wise to use indoor tanning beds.

San Diego LASIK doctor Neil Harris was quite surprised at the surveys results and agreed that if this is truly the case then “San Diegans needs to wise up and educate themselves about the harmful effects the sun can cause.”


Genetic Testing Kit Hitting Shelves in San Diego

Genetic testing kits from Pathway Genomics hit the shelves of Walgreens drugstores nationwide this week and will likely result in a spike of consumer interest focused on genetic testing.

In the recent past, most of these genetic testing products have been sold mainly online or through doctors offices and have drawn relatively little interest since they sprang onto the scene just under three years ago. Rough estimates put the total sales of thus far of these kits at 50,000 to 100,000 test kits sold.

The low interest and low sales is partly due to the price of one of these genetic testing kits. The cost ranges from about $300-$2000 for a comprehensive genetic testing kit. These kits will test your DNA to identify risks for her drug reactions, the likelihood of passing on mutations to children, or developing specific diseases and heart conditions. Lasik reviews San Diego.

Pathways Kit is being sold and Walgreens stores for about $20. The consumer will place their saliva into a special container and ship it to the company for analysis. The analysis will cost between $79 and $249 depending on the tests you request. We checked Pathway’s website, and the company is offering a single testing package for $399.

Jim Woodman, the vice president of corporate strategy for Pathway Genomics, said “We are really doing this to increase consumer awareness, not just for us but for the entire genetic-testing industry.”

Pathway Genomics is headquartered in Sorrento Valley area of San Diego near local Laser eye surgery San Diego offices. This genetic testing move by the company represents a big step for the privately owned business, which launched its service in September.