Coach Loses Eye Vision During Game Accident

Luiz Salazar, a minor league manager for the Atlanta Braves lost his eye after he was struck in the face by a line drive while watching a spring training game. The general manager for the Atlanta Braves advised that unfortunately the eye care doctors were unable to save his left high due to the accident. Otherwise, Salazar is recovering from […]

San Diego University Making Push to Division One

Already having built up a great reputation as one of the nations top research and science schools, UCSD is now focusing on moving their athletics to the Division I level. Do you see at the officials have taken careful consideration and hope to reach the elite level that is shared by other high-level college athletic programs.

The resolution was passed recently […]

Keeping Open Wounds Clean Effectively

In a very an interesting study recently done at John Hopkins University, research that studies on how to keep wounds clean from infection. It was found that infection prevention may possibly depend less on using the right antibiotic and more on simply keeping the wound clean.

The study was published in the Journal pediatrics issue in which 200 children ages 6 […]

Always Plan for Doctor In Travel Arrangements

According to the Center for disease control and prevention, about 50 million Americans travel abroad each year. Many of these destinations include remote and exotic locations where the risk of contracting illness is greatly increased over that of industrialized countries.

A LASIK San Diego eye doctor who takes frequent trips advised, that before taking off to your remote destination that you […]

Rates Drop for Preventable Hospitalization costs

State officials that collect data from hospitals about patience has been analyzed with hopes to get a better idea of how well specific communities are providing preventative healthcare to their patients. It is not yet known if Lasik eye surgery San Diego will be affected.

This data and reports are collected and analyzed annually and measures and compares 14 health conditions […]

2011 Healthy Care Laws Kick In

With the change in the new year brings in many more aspects for the federal health care overhaul with several new programs being launched. Although, Republicans in Congress are planning to vote that could repeal the package of health care reforms.

There are many changes included in the most recent plans. This year’s changes includes requiring health plans to spend at […]

Consistent Health Evaluations Help Prevent Potential Problems

Health officials are finding that making sure you get regular health screening is a great way of detecting disease early which ensures a greater likelihood of receiving a successful treatment. This is found particularly true with heart conditions, stroke, and some forms of cancer.

Our Lasik San Diego doctors colleague advised a person’s age, genetics, and lifestyle are all different, disease […]

What Makes for a Successful San Diego Lasik Eye Surgery Appointment

When going in for your San Diego LASIK screening, preparation and open communication are two imported components to making the most out of your face time with your eye doctor.

Below are a few recommendations to help you as a patient have a satisfying and productive appointment:

Schedule smart – when you first call to schedule your appointment be sure to be […]

Healthy Diet for Athletes at San Diego Olympic Training Center

At the San Diego Olympic training Center it is no surprise that eating healthy is a standard that is upheld regularly. Executive chief Karl Kline and nutritionists Andrea Braakhuis worked diligently to make sure all of the athletes have the right combination of nutrition and flavor for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything in between.

This special San Diego training center helps […]

Health Testing of San Diego Beaches is Way Down

Since monitoring the health levels of San Diego beaches became a law over a decade ago, California beaches have shown the lowest testing rates which puts swimmers, surfers, and divers at greater risk of exposure to contaminated water – San Diego Lasik.

Just this week beaches all over California from San Diego to San Francisco are being tested less often and […]