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Laser for the Eyes: Why MANY People Opt for Surgery

Hundred thousands of people go to eye clinics each year to have their visual problems corrected.  And among the procedures these healthcare providers offer, most of them opt for San Diego laser eye surgery.  Why?

What is a laser?
Laser is a medical device that emits light or a form of magnetic radiation.  It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The light beam emitted by laser which is usually color red has the ability to penetrate through the flesh and target internal organs.  It acts like a blade that can create cuts and wounds.  Laser is primarily used in major surgeries.  One of which is the eye surgery.   San Diego laser eye surgery helps the patient regain his/her clear vision by making changes on the cornea using the laser beam.  Everyone knows how sensitive the eyes are.  The cornea is responsible for helping the eye focus on the light which in turn creates the image and signals it to the brain.  A healthy cornea means a healthy vision.

The ‘Painless’ Procedure?
San Diego laser eye surgery is relatively painless and it can be a smooth procedure because the patient may not feel anything.  The sensation is not irritating at all though the patient may feel something weird (like something’s happening on their eyes) which is normal.  The longest eye surgery using laser takes only about 30 minutes.  This happens to patients who have severe refractive errors especially the older ones.  After the surgery, the patient can go home.  Just like the quick procedure, the recovery is also fast.  It may just take three months for the patient to fully recover but after three or four weeks, everything feels like normal.

The Cost
Another reason why many people opt for laser eye surgery in San Diego is the cost.  Since the competition is high, doctors and eye clinics offer discounted fees and reasonable prices for laser eye surgery.  There are reputable surgeons who can assure success on the procedure in an affordable cost.

Permanent Solution
Whenever people get sick and decide to look for possible treatments, they always think of how long it will be effective.  Everyone hopes for permanent eye care solution.  Fortunately, laser eye surgery guarantees long term if not permanent results (the process varies in different patients).


San Diego LASIK Eye Surgery and how Your Eyesight Matters

Bad vision impairs your life significantly. It hinders you to doing ordinary things.  If you have blurry eyesight, you can just imagine how hard it is to go through your documents and files effectively and lots of other really important actions. Well, over one half of people who experience inadequate visual sense, find it passing grueling to handle their predicament and result in using contact lenses or doctor’s prescribed eyeglasses that often just aggravate their conditions.

The onset of laser treatment

Since the innovation of laser, a lot of treatments were formulated to relieve chronic sickness. Laser eye surgery is generally safe but naturally, there can be possible perils and evident side effects. In point of fact, laser eye surgery is the best choice of both males and females, young and old as it pertains to optic excellent care solutions. Throughout the years, people from different states rely on the use of laser in giving the lasting cure for refractive flaws.

San Diego LASIK Eye Surgery – the Procedure

What’s really incredible about LASIK San Diego surgery is that it simply takes small amount of minutes.  The complexness of each treatment is very noticeable however, with a correct instrument, preparations and a credible eye operating surgeon, the patient doesn’t have to be palled of the laser eye surgery. Generally, a thin flap is made on the outside of the patient’s cornea. The cornea is then remolded to right irregularities which basically cause eye troubles. Once the restructurings done, the physician can now allow the patient to go with adequate medications and post operative care.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

One of the amazing benefits of San Diego LASIK Eye Surgery is that you’ll find it not painful at all! The patient may jus experience slight burning sensation on the eyes. The most commonly known eye troubles confronted by many people are myopia, nearsightedness, cataract, and astigmatism.

Risks of LASIK

Healing from the surgical procedure is simple and fast. Patients notwithstanding, should take care of their eyes, refrain from fraying or disturbing them and don’t get exposed to severe sunlight. After the medication, the patient will go through the post-operative course for continuous healing and speedy recovery. The medical practitioner designs a program which comprises of series of medical exams, checkups, and oculus examinations to examine if the patient is improving consequently. After three weeks (more or less), it is anticipated that the patient will fully convalesce and do things ordinarily. Dangers connected with San Diego LASIK Eye Surgery are very uncommon but it may range from fiddling itching, dry eye concerns, or to more foggy visual sense.


The Use of Laser on Eye Treatments: How it Works

Since the onset of the Laser technology, may medical treatments and procedures have been introduced and a lot of doctors rely on it in conducting surgeries.  Laser eye surgery is by and large safe but of course, there is always room for the consequences or side effects.  In fact, this kind of medical treatment is the most popular and thousands of people have tried it and majority of them were satisfied.  The popularity of laser eye surgery is until now, undisputed.

The complexity of the treatment is very evident but still, with the right tool, preparations and a credible eye surgeon, the patient doesn’t have to be scared of the laser eye surgery.  Asking for recommendations coming from friends and family is a great idea in looking for the best doctor.  Reliable providers have comprehensive website and all the information you would need are included there already.   Carefully evaluate the qualifications, services offered and the cost of each eye surgeon.

Some claim that San Diego laser eye surgery is not really surgery.  This could be attributed to the mere fact that it only takes a couple of minutes for the doctor to execute the entire procedure.  Using the laser, the eye doctor makes a very minor flap on the surface of the cornea to redo its structure.   Once done, the patient can go home provided he/she follow certain guidelines such as:

•    Avoid extreme sun exposure
•    Avoid rubbing or touching the eyes or the surface around it
•    Take prescribed medications like the use of eye drops
•    Undergo after-surgery checkups

Who does the surgery?
A licensed surgeon that specializes in the eye or an ophthalmologist can administer laser eye surgery.  You can ask a friend or a relative who already experienced undergoing laser eye surgery.  They can recommend qualified doctors. You may also speak with people from health centers or offices in the town.  It is also necessary that you verify the credibility and background of the surgeons you’re dealing with.  You can also browse the internet for wider search.

Laser eye surgeons do initial checkups as a requirement before the patient undergoes laser eye treatment.   The doctor will identify if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery or not.  Moreover, you must find it comfortable dealing with the doctor who will correct your eye defects.  When it comes to the actual operation, you must not hesitate to tell the doctor if you feel severe pain or discomfort.  Laser eye surgery should be painless, convenient, and quick


Refractive Errors and San Diego LASER Eye Surgery

It is a known fact that our eyes change as we age.  Good if the changes are beneficial but they’re not.   As we grow older, our vision gets poorer and poorer.   Aside from the degeneration of the eyes, there are other more factors that aggravate vision.  These are too much stress, radiation, harmful UV, infection, and abnormalities in eye tissues.

Aside from the traditional remedies such as the use of lenses or glasses, medical procedures like the laser eye surgery is becoming one of the top preferences of many people.  What’s good about this treatment is that it doesn’t call for any age (though there are always restrictions on certain health conditions).  From grannies to kids, San Diego laser eye surgery can be a great option.

One of the major and most important parts of your eyes is the cornea.  It has a direct responsibility over a clear vision.  When the cornea is damaged or there are irregularities or abnormalities on it, poor vision and other problems such as myopia and hyperopia are very much likely to happen.  The cornea works by helping your eyes focus on the light so the image can properly register on your brain.  It works just like a camera.  When the lens is good, you can be sure that you will have quality and clear photos.

It could be genetics or what- the cornea may somehow be in the wrong shape.  Those who are born with refractive errors have bad cornea.  When the cornea is misshaped or it’s not in the right form, your vision will always be blurry and you’ll never get the right focus.

The laser eye surgery is designed to help patients fix their cornea to attain perfect vision.  Using the Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), the cornea can be safely restructured so it absorbs light properly and make clearer images.  San Diego laser eye surgery can be used to treat different refractive errors even cataracts which are a big burden to a lot of people especially the elderly.  Astigmatism is another condition which can be cured by laser.

It is but essential that patients find the best surgeon in their place.  Incorrect procedure may result to unpleasant side effects which are as worse as loss of vision or permanent blindness.  The patient must also go through the pre-screening or evaluation tests to confirm is he/she is a good candidate for the surgery.


What is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

Are you sick and tired having to apply and take off your contact lenses day and night? Are you getting annoyed on your prescription glasses?  Then Sa Diego laser eye surgery might be the best option for you. Thousands of people undertake laser eye surgery to put a BIG stop on their eyeglass or contacts dependence.   Laser makes it absolutely possible for people to get a long-term remedy for their refractive illnesses.

How much will it cost a person to undergo Laser Eye Surgery?
Laser eye surgery cost varies from state to state and from different providers.  The charges are affected by many factors.   Contrary to what many people think, the surgery prices are based per eye.  Lucky are those people who only have problems on one of their eyes.  But for those who have problems in both eyes (which is usually the case), they may need to pay double the cost.

The cost of laser eye surgery are usually determined by the service fee of the surgeon, equipment and facilities used, drugs or medications which will be provided during the operation, pre-consultations, eye checkups, and the like.  Some surgeons would add additional fees for other reasons.  It actually depends on what kind of laser will the doctor use for a particular patient.  If the patient chooses the LASIK surgery, the cost may be a bit higher.  This is actually the latest form of laser eye surgery and the surgeon might use a very expensive bladeless tool or what they call InterLase (all laser) equipment.

Price Tags:
•    It may be $2,000 or more per eye for treatments that use wave-front laser.
•    It may be $2,000 or more per eye for the surgery that makes use of all-laser equipment.
•    It may be $1,500 or more per eye for excimer lasers or those which makes use of bladed instruments and no need for wave-front analysis

As you will notice, the price has something to do with the laser type.  Laser has never been that cheap but so far, it’s the best tool for all kinds of surgery because it produces les damage on crucial parts or organs of the human body.

The good thing is, with the rise in competition between laser eye surgery providers, the prices have been considerably reduced.  You can start your search as early as now to find the clinic which will give you your money’s worth.  Just remember NOT to COMPROMISE the quality of service over the price.

You will need to contact your local San Diego LASIK eye doctor to ask for pricing.


Scary Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery when Incorrectly Administered

Are you tempted to try laser eye surgery? Perhaps you’ve heard good stories about this procedure. Maybe a lot of people- friends, relatives, officemates, and companions told you good things about laser eye surgery and you want to give it a shot. Probably, you’re bushed wearing eyeglasses always and you feel like they’re just making you look older. Moreover, you hate wearing contacts. They’re very unpleasant in the eyes (not to mention the burden of taking them off when you’re too tired at night). While San Diego laser eye surgery can be a reliable solution to let you see clearer, you should also know the consequences of this treatment so you can come up with a smart decision of whether to undergo or not to undergo laser eye surgery.

• Dry Eyes
As a patient, you must be aware of the possible side effects that laser eye surgery may give you. The first and most common are dry eyes. Dry eyes are very discomforting. Without using eye drops, you won’t be able to tolerate the pain. Dry eyes result from damaged nerves caused by the surgery. The nerves that are usually broken are nerves that stimulate tears. What’s very terrifying with dry eyes is that it can trigger infection and lead to loss of vision permanently.

• Poor Night Vision
During the eye surgery, the doctor creates a thin flap. The flap is then lifted so the laser can penetrate within and remove unwanted tissues on the cornea. The doctor reshapes the cornea in such way that it can properly receive light. Once it has been fixed, the eyes can see more clearly. After the process, the flap is folded back. When it’s not folded correctly, chances are it will produce wrinkles or it wouldn’t hold fast on the eyes properly. This condition results to poor night vision. The wrinkles create speckles in the vision of the patient.

• Floaters
Another side effect that may arise from laser eye surgery is floaters. These are characterized by dots and blank lines in the vision of the patient after the surgery. It doesn’t cause any harm on the eyes but it can be so irritating and frustrating at the same time.

The good news is these side effects are very rare. If you choose the best San Diego laser eye surgery doctor, you can be assured that the procedure will be done correctly and you will have clearer vision in an instant!


Stages of Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)

There are many medical eye treatments used to combat visual problems and more procedures are being introduced.  In the present times, one of the highly acknowledged treatments is the use of LASER.  There are many laser visual correctional treatments.  One of which is LASIK.  LASIK is the updated version of Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).

LASIK San Diego eye surgery aims to correct visual problems by renewing the structure of the cornea which is responsible for the refraction of light needed by the other eye parts such as pupils to see and depict images and colors.  LASIK is best recommended to people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Preoperative Stage

Preoperative procedure is consists of assessment or evaluation exams.  The patient will need to inform the surgeon of his/her medical history, past eye problems, and current health conditions.  During the preoperative stage, the surgeon explains the pros and cons of LASIK eye surgery and how fit the patient is for the operation.  People with diabetes and immune-related diseases are discouraged from taking LASIK treatment; as well as those who are taking medications that can impede wound healing.

LASIK Procedure

LASIK surgeons make use of excimer laser which is a form of ultraviolet ray.  In LASIK eye surgery, a thin flap is created to expose the cornea by which abnormalities are corrected.  Tissues will be removed or arranged depending on how worse the eye disorder is.  After restructuring the cornea, the flap is positioned back and the entire procedure is done.  The surgery only takes several minutes. For more information visit our San Diego LASIK blog.

Postoperative Stage
Patients may experience minor side effects such as eye itchiness and dryness.  There are very rare cases that patients suffer from permanent and worse complications but these are possible.  The worst scenario is the permanent loss of vision.  After the operation, patients are advised to take enough rest, have some medications prescribed by their surgeons; and they are compelled to go back to their physicians for post checkups and monitoring.


Side Effects of LASIK

Before going through any medical treatment, you want to know if it is safe or not.  You want to learn about the advantage and disadvantages of such procedure.  Of course you need to know it.  You only have one life going through any treatment may cause side effects that can give you either temporary or permanent harm.  You deserve to know the risks of every procedure that some medical practitioners may not tell you.

So you’ve heard about LASIK and how it is done.  It’s time to know what the risks are if you decide to take LASIK.

Before anything else, you need to understand that LASIK surgery San Diego is generally recognized as a safe procedure.  Nevertheless, it can lead to some complications such as:

¥    Blurred Vision which can be temporary or permanent
¥    Regression or gradual loss of eyesight
¥    Night blindness
¥    Extreme quality of vision (Extra correct vision or poor vision)
¥    Eye dryness that may become permanent as well
¥    Itchy and watery yes

According to studies, long term complications brought by LASIK surgery is only 0.50%.  Temporary side effects are prevalent but can always be treated.  Among other kinds of refractive error treatments, LASIK is generally safer.  It is also less painful and ensure quick recovery of patients.

Most of the time; side effects are caused by errors made by the surgeons.  There are cases when the flap created is injured or incorrectly cut.  On the other hand, complications may be caused by the low resistance of patients.  Patients who have very poor vision and acute refractive problems are likely to get more complications than those with uncomplicated visual disorders.

It is important that you choose only the best surgeon in San Diego Laser eye surgery.  Being prepared with the consequences is essential in deciding whether to undergo treatment or not.


How Safe is LASIK Surgery

By jumping right to this page, you must have heard about LASIK as visual correction procedure.  Also, at this point, you are trying to find out if San Diego LASIK eye surgery is safe.

How safe?  Here is the answer:

Let us begin our discussion by defining what LASIK is and how it works as a treatment.  LASIK or Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is an eye surgery procedure that uses a kind of laser called excimer.  The procedure is done by creating a flap on the eye and then shaping the cornea to achieve correct vision.  Many tissues may be removed, depending on how bad the eye sight of the patient is.  LASIK is not too painful but patients may opt to take anesthesia before the surgery.  The patient is wide awake during the operation and it only takes 6 minutes or more.

The mere fact that it uses laser makes the entire procedure safe.  LASIK is actually the improved process of PRK or photorefractive keratectomy.  It follows same process; it’s just that LASIK only necessitates a flap and not removal of epithelium done in PRK which is more painful.

According to survey, patients of LASIK eye surgery were satisfied with the process and there’s high rate of success.  LASIK patients had rapid recovery and some stopped using external lenses.

Nonetheless, LASIK can create mild to severe complications (though stern complications are very rare).  Some of the most common complications are eye dryness that if not treated may become permanent, blurry vision, and the feeling of having something stuck in your eyes.  People who have acute refractive disorders may suffer from regression after the LASIK surgery in San Diego.  Regression is the gradual loss of vision.

You need to consult only the best LASIK eye surgery doctors in San Diego.  You will go through preoperative or evaluation tests for physicians to assess whether you can proceed with the surgery or not.  Knowing what to expect in every medical treatment is highly essential. Its your health that is at stake here.