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LASIK: Weighing the Benefits and Risks

LASIK is one of the most popular treatments for refractive disorders.  It makes use of laser to correct eye visions by shaping the cornea and removing tissues to achieve the right corneal form.  The cornea is the largest part of the human eye and its function is to refract light for the brain to process pictures or images of what the eyes see.  People can see and recognize images, colors, and figures in near and far distance because of cornea.  Nonetheless, there are cases that the cornea has abnormalities.  This is the common reason of refractive disorders.

LASIK is administered by licenses ophthalmologists or eye surgeons.  Not all ophthalmologists are knowledgeable on the process though.  LASIK San Diego eye surgery and Laser treatment providers are licensed to initiate such medical eye treatments.

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery

Laser visual corrections are the most effective treatment for visual impairments so far.  LASIK has earned reputation with the high rate of success and minimal side effects.  Another benefits of LASIK is that it can reduce (if not totally eliminate) dependency on external lenses.  Many treatments still need to be accompanied by eye glasses or contact lenses after the procedures unlike LASIK.

The treatment is less painful than its forerunner which is PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy.  Many people love LASIK surgery because it is hassle free.  The surgery doesn’t look like surgery at all.  It just likes an eye checkup that lasts for several minutes.

Associated Risks

No matter how successful Laser Eye Surgery San Diego has become in repairing visual disorders, it is still a medical procedure that entails risks and consequences.  Common side effects are: eye irritation that is accompanied by itchiness, watery or dry eyes, and blurry sight.  Normally, side effects are temporary and can be treated using other methods.  Still, there are cases (though very rare) that patients suffer long-term side effects such as loss of eye vision, color blindness, and extreme eyesight (poor vision or over correctness).  Seeking for the best and highly experienced LASIK eye surgeon in San Diego will reduce the risks associated with the treatment.


Coach Loses Eye Vision During Game Accident

Luiz Salazar, a minor league manager for the Atlanta Braves lost his eye after he was struck in the face by a line drive while watching a spring training game. The general manager for the Atlanta Braves advised that unfortunately the eye care doctors were unable to save his left high due to the accident. Otherwise, Salazar is recovering from his injuries quite well.

The accident occurred when the 54-year-old Salazar was standing against the railing in the dugout during the game. One of the players for the St. Louis Cardinals fouled a ball into his direction and Salazar was unable to react in time before being hit in the face with the ball.

Due to the accident, the baseball game was put on hold for nearly 20 minutes to allow time for Salazar to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. He was treated for multiple face fractures and unfortunately doctors were unable to save his left eye due to the extent of the damage. A LASIK surgery San Diego surgeon advised that this type of trauma can be devastating to the nerves in the eye.


San Diego University Making Push to Division One

Already having built up a great reputation as one of the nations top research and science schools, UCSD is now focusing on moving their athletics to the Division I level. Do you see at the officials have taken careful consideration and hope to reach the elite level that is shared by other high-level college athletic programs.

The resolution was passed recently by the UCSD student government to push the possible move forward up from division 22 NCAA Division I. Previously, the students have been competing in division two athletics.

Although they have been considering it, UCSD does not currently have plans to add a football program. School officials have recently said they do have plans to place their 23 current sports programs into Division I by 2014 at the earliest.

This local news was written by our laser eye surgery San Diego team. We to try to keep you best informed of local news for your reading pleasure.


Keeping Open Wounds Clean Effectively

In a very an interesting study recently done at John Hopkins University, research that studies on how to keep wounds clean from infection. It was found that infection prevention may possibly depend less on using the right antibiotic and more on simply keeping the wound clean.

The study was published in the Journal pediatrics issue in which 200 children ages 6 to 18 years old were studied for infections. Each child had a skin infection which was generally from allergies, diaper rash or eczema. 137 of them were found to test positive for MRSA which is a problematic bacterium that has shown resistance to many common antibiotics on the market today.

At random, the children were then treated with clindamycin, which is an antibiotic that is shown to be effective against MRSA. after only about two or three days 97% of the children treated showed either improvement or complete healing. This shows that the choice of antibiotic proved to be a relevant. Of the nine children whose infections have not improved in the specified time frame, three were treated with clindamycin and six with cephalexin. An interesting point to note was that children under one year of age showed a significantly lower rate of improvement in a matter which antibiotic was used for them.

A LASIK San Diego doctor brought you this news to help keep you informed.


Always Plan for Doctor In Travel Arrangements

According to the Center for disease control and prevention, about 50 million Americans travel abroad each year. Many of these destinations include remote and exotic locations where the risk of contracting illness is greatly increased over that of industrialized countries.

A LASIK San Diego eye doctor who takes frequent trips advised, that before taking off to your remote destination that you take the proper steps to safeguard your health and speak with a travel medicine clinic. These are specialized clinics that help you prepare for your vacation by addressing critical health related issues and making sure you are aware of what you may encounter on your trip.

These travel medicine clinic specialists will help minimize your risk of illness by providing the proper immunitizations, medications and recommendations about the specific destination that you will be traveling to.

If you dont want to bring glasses on long trips, you may want to look into San Diego laser eye surgery doctor as a viable option.


Rates Drop for Preventable Hospitalization costs

State officials that collect data from hospitals about patience has been analyzed with hopes to get a better idea of how well specific communities are providing preventative healthcare to their patients. It is not yet known if Lasik eye surgery San Diego will be affected.

This data and reports are collected and analyzed annually and measures and compares 14 health conditions with the goal of determining how many preventable hospitalizations occur and where the efforts are being exercised to prevent hospitalizations seem to be working positively.

These numbers track patients who are admitted into hospitals and treated for medical conditions that could have been avoided had they prior received proper healthcare. Many of these conditions include things such as pediatric asthma, bacterial pneumonia, and dehydration. Lasik San Diego is likely not included.

This particular study looked at hospital admission rates between 1999 and 2008 and focused on the 14 health conditions in which earlier intervention or through outpatient care can potentially prevent the need for future hospitalization.


2011 Healthy Care Laws Kick In

With the change in the new year brings in many more aspects for the federal health care overhaul with several new programs being launched. Although, Republicans in Congress are planning to vote that could repeal the package of health care reforms.

There are many changes included in the most recent plans. This year’s changes includes requiring health plans to spend at least 80% of premiums on patient care or make rebates to consumers. Some Medicare recipients stand to benefit from prescription drug discounts and free preventative health care. A San Diego LASIK professional has experienced some of these changes.

Also, many restaurant chains and food vending machines will now be required to visibly post nutritional information to their customers which is required I state law and federal law.

Those with tax-free flexible spending accounts will no longer be able to use them for over-the-counter drug purchases and will likely cause more higher income seniors to pay higher premiums for Medicare.

These new health care programs were built on regulations that begun last year. It is not known if they will cover LASIK surgery San Diego.


Consistent Health Evaluations Help Prevent Potential Problems

Health officials are finding that making sure you get regular health screening is a great way of detecting disease early which ensures a greater likelihood of receiving a successful treatment. This is found particularly true with heart conditions, stroke, and some forms of cancer.

Our Lasik San Diego doctors colleague advised a person’s age, genetics, and lifestyle are all different, disease risk will vary between individuals and each person should meet with their physicians to learn how often they need specific screenings. Here are a couple of the two most common health screenings that are very important.

Cholesterol –  it is been found by health professionals that too much LDL or “bad” cholesterol in your blood stream can lead to hardening of your arteries which increases your risk of a heart attack and/or stroke. On the other hand, low levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol can also increase your risk. Starting usually around the age of 40 are cholesterol levels should be checked every three years for patients with a normal amount of risk. Ideally you will want LDL levels to be less than 100 while HDL levels should be over 44 men and 54 women – San Diego Laser Eye Surgery.

Blood pressure –  high blood pressure is a very serious issue in the United States as it affects one in three adults. It increases your risk of heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and stroke. Preventing high blood pressure is one of the best ways to prevent heart damage and related heart disease. Most commonly for healthy adults in a normal blood pressure is less than 120/80. A reading of 140/90 and above is considered high blood pressure. Adults 30 years old and older should have their blood pressure checked every year, and if there is a high family history of high blood pressure more regular screenings may be necessary.


What Makes for a Successful San Diego Lasik Eye Surgery Appointment

When going in for your San Diego LASIK screening, preparation and open communication are two imported components to making the most out of your face time with your eye doctor.

Below are a few recommendations to help you as a patient have a satisfying and productive appointment:

Schedule smart – when you first call to schedule your appointment be sure to be clear about all of your reasons for your office visit. This helps the office staff to schedule the necessary amount of time to address all of your concerns. Also, it is important to arrive early for your first San Diego LASIK surgery appointment to fill out any forms that may be required.

Organize your details –  before your office visit it is a good practice to write down all of your health symptoms, medications, and supplements. This is also a good time to list any types of allergies or health problems you may be experiencing.

Set your goals –  it is always a good idea to set a goal for your appointment, Whether it be a simple diagnosis or another outcome. Create a list ahead of time of all of your questions and concerns with the most important ones at the top. This way all of your details are answered without anything being missed or unclear.

Be Open, Honest and Realistic –  it is critical that you understand the importance of giving accurate information to your LASIK surgery San Diego surgeon. Do not be embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit drinking, smoking, or any other habits that may potentially put your health at risk.


Healthy Diet for Athletes at San Diego Olympic Training Center

At the San Diego Olympic training Center it is no surprise that eating healthy is a standard that is upheld regularly. Executive chief Karl Kline and nutritionists Andrea Braakhuis worked diligently to make sure all of the athletes have the right combination of nutrition and flavor for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything in between.

This special San Diego training center helps develop athletes into the top of their league with his many as 120 athletes visiting at a time. You may be surprised to learn that almost all of these athletes consume about 10,000 calories a day. Our Lasik San Diego eye surgeon was surprised by this one, thats a lot of calories!

Every year the San Diego Olympic training Center kitchen uses approximately 30,000 pounds of fruit, 4,000 gallons of juice, 10,000 dozen eggs, 5000 loaves of bread, 4000 gallons of mouth, 12,500 cups of yogurt, 15,000 pounds of chicken breasts and 8000 pounds of pasta. Fortunately client purchases 80% of the fresh produce she uses for the San Diego athletes from local growers and most of it is organic – San Diego Lasik reviews.

As does a great job of making sure none of the food is fried and the only loyal use is  olive oil.

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